Kamil’s Fire

2D/3D Animation HD
85 min
Director: Martín Guido
Target: Family

In the tenth century, in one of the taifa kingdoms of Al-Andalus, Ahmad, a widower, scribe and confidant of the Caliph is arrested for stealing a secret book about automata from the palace library.
The guilty is in fact his son Kamil, a rebel child who without telling anyone, gave the book to a scientist and alchemist named Txawir in exchange for a manual of fireworks, its great passion.

But Txawir is not a reliable man and he leaves the city, taking the book with him. Now, helpless and alone, Kamil will have to recover the stolen book.

In his efforts to set things right Kamil discovers and finds himself involved in a plot to get rid of the Caliph; a machiavellian plan which requires the book to succeed.

Thanks to the priceless help of a crew of pirate-looking merchants, the experience gained through his mistakes, pyrotechnics which are not always within his control and trusting in others, Kamil is able to avoid the conspiracy to the Caliph and be reunited with his father.